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About Us

Who Are We?

We are Your Water Company! Not Joe’s Water Company, not Sally’s Water Company… Your Water Company!

We’ve been operating under this name since 2014, with many satisfied customers and many more to come. We are Certified and continually inspected to meet criteria set forth by the Niagara Region Public Health division. We currently run nine (9) trucks (2x2000 gal, 2x2500gal, 1x3000gal, 2x3200gal, 1x3500gal & 1x3800gal).


What We Do

We deliver clean drinkable bulk water with great service – and nothing else.

You can count on us whether you need water for domestic, agricultural, industrial or construction use. Cisterns, pools, ponds, ice rinks, sod, dusty lots, no matter the purpose, if you need a lot of water, we’ll be there.


Our Goal

To be the water company with the best customer service in the area.

We are no strangers to hard work. In a drought season, it is not uncommon for our trucks to be running as late as 11pm to get everyone their water! No one gets left behind. And we always try to answer our phones in person to avoid the need to leave a message. If you’ve had to leave a message it must be because we’re already on the phone or it’s after hours.
Our hours are: (9am-4pm Monday to Saturday).