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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding water delivery. Please note that most of these answers are specific only to Your Water Company, and may not reflect policies set forth by other water haulers.

How soon do I need to reserve a delivery?

For large projects such as pools, we like to have 2-3 days notice. For 3000gal deliveries, we’d like at least 24 hours. For any size delivery, the more notice you give, the more we appreciate it!

How soon can I get my water?

We can typically deliver a 2000gal load same-day, if the order is placed before 10am (unless there is a drought or dangerous driving conditions, which may result in a next-day delivery)

What takes so long to get my water?

Every delivery takes an average of 45min-1hr to complete (including waiting our turn at the filling station, filling, driving, unloading, returning to fill station). If it’s a busy day, it might be a few hours until we can get to you, but we’re doing our best!

What is your cancellation policy?

As long as the driver hasn’t left the filling station and is on their way to you, you can cancel without penalty.

How late do you work?

Our service day is based on call volume. If we don’t have much to do, our trucks will complete all the orders we have, and be parked early. In those cases, phone calls are answered only until 5pm. If however, it’s a busy day, we might be delivering as late as 9pm or 10pm!

Can you still deliver water to us after the trucks are parked?

Yes, but there is an after hours fee. – Calling someone into work requires a minimum of 3 hour wages (which is not covered in the cost of a normal delivery).

Do you deliver on weekends?

Like most people, our drivers enjoy having weekends too. We do a short day on Saturday. If you need water, make sure you call early!

But…. I’m out of water!

“There is no excuse for running out of water.” – Hilda Wiley

Why does a load of water cost so much?

Water, in fact, is quite cheap. Getting it there is what costs so much, including: driver wages, fuel, insurance etc. Vehicle maintenance on trucks is very expensive.

How can I be sure I’m getting as much water as I’m ordering?

If we didn’t deliver as much as we said we would… We would have no returning customers, and we wouldn’t be in business. We encourage our customers to measure the water before and after our delivery. Very seldom are the counters at the filling station incorrect.

Why is there a “long hose” charge?

The longer the hose, the longer it takes to unload the truck. In this situation, we are only covering driver wages to put out more hose, and the driver’s time to wait longer for the water to drain.


What types of payments are accepted?
We accept cash, cheque and e-transfer.
Cash and cheques can be left out for the driver if you will not be home, simply let us know where it will be. You can always mail us a cheque if you’re not comfortable leaving it out (see contact us for our mailing address).

Please send E-transfers to accounts@yourwater.ca with the following info:
Password: water1 (make the question "what do you deliver" or "what is in the truck")
Memo: needs to include address of delivery and date of delivery

What is NDF?

NDF refers to Non-Delivery Fee. This will be charged to customers who call and order water, and when we arrive to the location the load is undeliverable for any reason (locked access, driveway blocked up, cistern already full etc.). The NDF covers our cost to bring you the water – see above “Why does a load of water cost so much?”

What’s with the silly company name?

It began as a joke, but then people started to like it. We do too!